Sunday, September 6, 2009

Justice & provincial autonomy is the key to success for "Pakistan".

(1) Justice among provinces in Pakistan:

All we need is justice in Pakistan among all provinces, which is very absent in Pakistan since its creation, as NWFP always ask for its royalty of electricity, Baluchistan has not given commands on its own resources, Sindh earn most but don't get what it deserve, it seems as we did not learned any lessons from 1971 where our enemy India took advantage of injustices with Bengalis, that WAR was PAKISTAN Vs PAKISTAN AND NOT between INDIA Vs PAKISTAN , because BANGLADESH was PAKISTAN then. INDIA intervened with USSR (as any other enemy) in our internal affair as we were doing injustice with Bengalis, otherwise Bangladesh would have still a part of Pakistan, and so if we do "Justice" then India, Israel, USA and the rest of the world simply can't break Pakistan.

(2) Provincial autonomy is the way forward for Pakistan:

Why Pakistani leaders are afraid of Provincial autonomy in Pakistan?

Foolish leaders of Pakistan think that if we give province its right to rule itself, it will break Pakistan, but to me this will make Pakistan stronger as province will have their future in their own hand, their resources in their own hand, and they will not be angry with the federation that it is NOT giving our rights, our money, our resources, not self-governess, provincial autonomy would thus mean the capacity for a province to govern itself, to determine, without interference from the outside, its own policies and priorities, assured to have the financial capacity to fulfill its responsibilities etc & the federation will get its income as province give them to take care of currency, Military & foreign policy. As Canada a progressing country has provincial autonomy,USA has given autonomy to its states & it’s the only “Super Power” in the whole world, & USSR which was broken due to the same kind of problem now Russia has learned from its past and now has unique policy for its provinces:

Russia consists of 83 "subjects" (divisions)

21 = republics (full autonomy)
46 = oblasts (same as our provinces)
9 = krais (territories - same as provinces)
1 = autonomous oblast (Jewish province with republic autonomy)
4 = autonomous okrugs (districts which are autonomous)
2 = federal cities

Republics differ from other federal subjects in that they have the right to
establish their own official language and have their own constitution.
The chief executive of most republics has the title of "President"
however are appointed by the President of
Russia himself. The
President's nomination must be accepted by the republic's parliament
for the appointee to be eligible.

Oblasts are administrative units similar to our Pakistani provinces and are less
autonomous than republics, in that they cannot establish their own
language and constitution.

Krais are the same as oblasts; Krais are similar to "territories" (provinces with smaller populations and larger landmasses).

Federal Cities are two in
Russia; Moscow and St. Petersburg and have direct control of their own affairs.

Punjab province which has at least 54% of the Pakistani population has to take a serious step in this matter as without the will of Punjab these imperative things simply can’t happen as the people of Punjab came on streets only then judiciary was restored otherwise it was a daydream, so without the involvement of Punjab province “Justice” & “Provincial autonomy” can’t be achieved and this is the only way to save Pakistan.
Pakistan can only progress when we have Unity among us and for Unity we need “Justice” & “Provincial autonomy”, these things are the key to success for Pakistan, without it our future is bleak.