Monday, September 13, 2010

Can India really hold 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' any longer?

Can India really hold 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' any longer, as protest is on the increase day by day & Indian soldiers keep killing innocents on daily basis. Now specially Indian intellectuals and the rest of the world also comes to know that Kashmiri freedom movement is indigenous, as Pakistani youth is not protesting on the streets of Kashmir, they are Kashmiris and the Indian army brutally killing them, even on Eid days (Islamic festivals) Indian army imposed Curfew in Kashmir. And for the very 1st time I am watching BBC & CNN also highlighting to some extent the persecution and atrocities committed by Indian army on Kashmir, so the question arises that, do u think that India can hold 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' or they have to give them "FREEDOM"?
"The world after way over half a century waking up"??????

-Meerut university suspends 67 Kashmiri students for cheering Pakistan's victory over India

On social media just hear the voice of Kashmiri people & cold heart Indian responses:

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