Monday, January 18, 2010

Pakistan has still more moderates than Taliban or Liberal Talibans.

It's a great shame that on one side the world is watching 1 extreme that is "Taliban", who slaughter people, kill people, burn school for their personal motives, and now there is a another extreme who wants to represent Pakistan "Liberal Talibans" like Hammad Khan, such people thinks that progress lies in drinking, dating, doing parties despite the terror attacks on their city, somebody tell them that such things are the really weak points of West.

*When Apple fell on Newton's head he was reading a book under tree, and not dancing in the night club (So this is the way to progress "Liberal Talibans" & not what you think)

*E=mc square formula researched by Einstein in a lab, and not while dating. (So this is the way to progress "Liberal Talibans" do not what you think?)

*Everyone who did service to humanity did that outside night clubs, they were not drinking while inventing something and they were not certainly not on a date when they were formulating their scientific research.

"Is there anybody in Pakistan other than "Talibans" & "Liberal Talibans" who portray the real moderate image of Pakistan, who are neither violent like Taliban nor vulgar like liberal talibans? is there anybody who portrays the REAL PAKISTAN? which is moderate? which is us."

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I just wanted to say few things

“Played the clips of young couple on national television, who requested to turn off the cameras.” hmm… if they were clear from any guilt and they told their parents where they are going and not lied to them, then why they wanted camera to be turned off?


I really liked that tweet about MAYA KHAN topic
@ammaryasir Ammar Yasir [RONIN]
So predictable when foreign journos prefer writing a piece on Maya Khan (an overdone topic) than
Arfa Karim. Of’course the bad image sell