Thursday, November 14, 2013

The only way Pakistan can improve its Batting, Fielding, Bowling & save their Cricket...(My opinion)

These days everyone laughs at our batting, once Steyn could not control it in an international match, He Laughed at Mohammad Hafeez (then Captain) After Taking His Wicket which he did for countless of times, watch video:

After watching and suffering from continuous and consistent batting failures of Pakistani cricket team, the only way Pakistani batting can improve is by continuous coaching sessions and sittings from ex Pakistani great batsmen like Hanif Muhammad, Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Inzamam ul Haq, Saeed Anwar and it must be regular; and 
-After every month check the progress of players, did they improve on their weakness?
-This should continue for at least 1 year for final report and then next batch comes
-It'll be even better if above mentioned players have their coached junior teams play against each -Other, let see who produce better batsmen and players.

This should be the practice for Under 15, 17, 19 teams, as they have more tendencies to learn than those players who are already playing for Pakistan.

And if PCB wants a foreign coach who is a batsman then bring a big name like Steve Waugh he might ask big amount but nobody can make fun of him, he was a great batsman, great captain, strict, disciplined, it will be better to appoint him to young teams of under 15, 17, 19
PCB authorities must work on this otherwise there is no hope of improvement and our cricket will be finished like our Squash and Field Hockey.

Pakistan needs fielding emergency, PCB must bring foreign proven good fielding coaches for Under-17 / 19 level and to PCB Cricket academies and have lectures to domestic team at least, so the fielding culture starts at the grass root level otherwise Pakistan will remains a worst fielding side.

PCB must give money to former greats like Wasim, Waqar, Shoaib, Mushtaq Ahmed, Saqlain Mushtaq, Abdul Qadir, Aqib Javed (who knows about bio-mechanics as well) to work with
Under-17 / 19 level and to PCB Cricket academies and have lectures to domestic team at least so Pakistan will regain their status of aggressive bowling lineup. 

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

-پاکستان میں الیکشن اور ووٹ کی طاقت Election in Pakistan & the power of Vote.

There is a Hadith:

“A believer is not bitten twice from the same hole.” (A believer is not mistaken twice with the same fault).
[Bukharee, adab (Manners), 83; Muslim, Dhuhd (Adherence to Devotions), 63]

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Vote dayna lazm hai?
Aanay walay elections main vote dyna hm pr lazm hai, kyon k vote k zaryae hee hm, boray hukumranon say nijaat aur sahi-o-muklis logon ko apna hukumraan muntakhib kr sktay hain.
Poranay logon ko vote daynay walon ko haq nahi k wo Shikayat krain k kyon bijli nahi, halaat kharab hain, naukri nahi, jan-o-maal mehfoz nahi etc... kyon k inhee logon ko phelay bhi vote dia tha, aur aisay halaat ka saamna krna pra, phr unhee logon ko dobara muntakhib krwanay ka kia mtlab hai?, un hee logon ko vote dae kr tbdeeli ko aiheeni hathon say kyon rokna chahtay hain? Tou phr aisay log rotay kyon hain? 'Inko ronay ka koi haq nahi, sirf wo log masayal pr bol sktay hain jo iss mahool say nijaat k liae vote dynay ka irada rkhtay hain'.

Tassub pr mbnee vote:
Allah k vaastay merit pr vote dain na k tassub, zaat aur bradree pr, agr aap aisay logon ko vote daingay jo merit pr hain tou hr faisla sirf aur sirf merit pr hee kray ga na k tassub, zaat aur bradree pr.Tassub, zaat aur bradree pr vote dyna bhi hamary mulk k sb say bara almiyon main say aik hai.

Election main dhandlee:
Election main dhandlee k khilaaf hm sbko apnay tour pr tayyaree krni hogee, kyon k aisee parties jinhain apnee salahiton pr bharosa nahi, haar k drr aur loot khasoot k shauq k liae yae phr js qadr ho sakayga dhandlee krain gee, main yae nahi kehta k hm ghundon aur badmashon say aamnay saamnay laraee krain, bl k technology ka shara lain, kahin dhandlee dekhain tou internet pr NEWS Channels ko foran email krain anchor persons ko email krain, apnay mobile say sound record krain, agr moqa milay tou video bnain risk kbhi na lain, Twitter aur Facebook pr bhi ehtiyaat krain kyon k bdmashon ka koi deen eemain nahi hota,in logon ko baynaqaab kiae baghair aisay logon, kamoon aur borayyon say chotkara mumkin nahi.

Vote kee taqat ko smjhain:
Vote daynay say km az km hm khud aur siasat daan vote kee taqat ko pehchaan skain gay, k agr tm sahi hukumranee nahi karo gay tou phr jeetnay kee ummed na lgana, hm dosray mulkon ko dekhain jaisay America,Turkey,Iran aur jahan bhi vote k zaryae musalsl hukumatain bntee aur grtee hain,tou in mulkon k hukumaron k sron pr hr waqt tlwarain ltkee rehtee hain k inko awam k kaam krnay hongay wrna phr awamaee rddaeamal aur hukumat khonay aur phr na milnay ka khauf lga rehta hai, hm apnay riwaetee hareef Bharat hee ko dekhain, wahan bhi yae sb borayan hain, un k hukumraan bhi mulk ko loot tay hain, mgr kuch mulk pr bhi inko kch lgana prta hai, jis kee wajah say hm dekhain k Bharat ab ktnee taraqee kr raha hai,kyon un k sron pr bhi na muntakhib honay kee tlwarain ltkee rehtee hain, jis wajah say unhain awaam k liae kaam krna prta hai.

Hm kyon nahi:
In mulkon main awaam apnay vote kee taqat ko jaan chokay hain tou hm kyon nahi, aur yaehi wajah hai k in hukumranon ko apnay mulk k liae kaama krna prta hai aur mulk taraqee kr raha hai.

1 din kee zara c tkleef ya 5 saal kee bari tkleefain?
Aik din kee thori tkleef uthaa kr aanay walay paanch saalon k kee baree tkleef say bchnay k liae apnay vote ka sahi istimaal krain.

                                   ****************** Attention *******************

Check Your Polling Station Name in 3 Easy Steps:

Send your CNIC (without Dashes) to 8300 (e.g .. 123456789098 --> 8300)

and in reply you'll get the name of your polling station with NA number

Check Your Polling Station Name, NA and PS visit

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review on 'Sony Xperia Sola' mobile phone

I have purchase 'Sony Xperia Sola' on 24th December 2012, so I am sharing my experience and observation with you, for clarity in three headings:


1- Hardly hangs in any of the operations
2- Amazingly reactive touch screen
3- Great themes, especially its main picture
4- Good provided ringtones
5- Wow, picture quality
6- SmartTags are a good thought, but for those who have to open few things at the same time


1- No front camera, alasss.......
2- Speakers are not that powerful, and also they are behind the mobile but has 3D surround sound enhancement which is even Sony Xperia's prime mobile Xperia Z lacks
3- It hurts when your friend's Samsung having good WIFI signals, and you're Xperia Sola is disconnecting off and on (It happened only once, but Sony has a very high standards, so I am writing it as a minus even it happened only once)
4- Android version is 2.3.7 (Gingerbread), you may find information that its upgradable to Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) but when you try to update software through 'Sony PC Companion 2.1' it says that softwares are already updated, so you may have to find another way
5- Setting Alarm, you can easily understand from one example, i.e. if the time is set 2:30 and you want to set it to 3:00, then you have to scroll minute section 6 times.

Neither good nor bad:

1-Its new technology of  'Magic Touch or Floating Touch', after the enhancement of this technology this can be the future delight but not now, you need hours and hours practice to touch the icons, all you can do easily with this is to play with the theme's main picture but the wallpaper which animate with magic touch its phenomenal 
2- Battery life is neither great nor very bad but somewhere in between


All in all a very good mobile for those who wants to purchase a good Android mobile which is not very expensive.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's day and Pakistan

The way Pakistanis celebrate Valentine's day nobody in the world do, as all entertainment channels make especial programs for this day, run flirtatious, vulgar messages in subscripts, Even our NEWS channels from 1st February to 1 day over 15th Feb., give headlines of this day 24/7, I have not seen CNN and BBC giving headlines of that magnitude like we do. Its great to give flowers, chocolates and other gifts to their spouses & other family members any day any time, but unfortunately this day only used for flirting & coquetry- Alas!!!