Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Muslims don’t even know how to protest? What is the right way to protest?

Certainly it is the right of people to ‘protest’ in order raise their voices for the injustice, iniquity, immorality and inequality, but how we Muslims are protesting?

Today through our protest we again brought disgrace, shame, dishonour and ignominy to Islam, and real and great joy to enemies of Islam, certainly Allah and prophet of Islam must not be happy with the way we protested, At least 17 killed in Pakistan protests against anti-Islam film, burned cinemas and banks, a driver of a private channel was also killed and some dacoits looted the banks as well

Doing strikes, which causes billions of billions rupees not to those who we are insulting Islam and its prophet but to only us (Muslims)

Agitation, turmoil, burning each other’s commodities and killing each other, who is happy doing after watching all this? Certainly those who are enemy of Islam and Muslim

And for such situations in Pakistan, courtesy government it has become fashion to shut down mobile signals, so people in emergency in such tough & tender times can’t even call the ambulance, can’t send messages to their relatives and friends, who is badly suffered from this? Those who insulting Islam and its prophet or we Muslims are suffering from it?

How to protest, so it has an effect on the perpetrators: 

1st of all, all Muslim ummah must be united for cursed perpetrators who are insulting Islam and its prophet and take steps which are unanimously taken by all Muslim nations, like socially boycotting them, banning their products, make OIC effected as by doing this, OIC in reality becomes the voice of more than 1 billion people and then pass resolution from this platform which can shake the world and certainly the bad intentions of anti-Islamist and anti-Muslims.

All Muslim leaders also must be vocal on international platforms like UN and must raise their voices for their double standard in so called ‘Freedom of Speech’ there is punishment even if somebody has disagreement on no. Count of victims in holocaust but God, religions and prophets can be abused as much as they want, now Muslims leaders must show how strong they are in their faith and truly showcase their people’s emotions.

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