Monday, September 13, 2010

Can India really hold 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' any longer?

Can India really hold 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' any longer, as protest is on the increase day by day & Indian soldiers keep killing innocents on daily basis. Now specially Indian intellectuals and the rest of the world also comes to know that Kashmiri freedom movement is indigenous, as Pakistani youth is not protesting on the streets of Kashmir, they are Kashmiris and the Indian army brutally killing them, even on Eid days (Islamic festivals) Indian army imposed Curfew in Kashmir. And for the very 1st time I am watching BBC & CNN also highlighting to some extent the persecution and atrocities committed by Indian army on Kashmir, so the question arises that, do u think that India can hold 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' or they have to give them "FREEDOM"?
"The world after way over half a century waking up"??????

-Meerut university suspends 67 Kashmiri students for cheering Pakistan's victory over India

On social media just hear the voice of Kashmiri people & cold heart Indian responses:

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 T20 Pakistan vs Australia (Semi-Final), my comments

Michael Hussey made us lost a test match as well single handedly, he was playing all his shots on the leg side except 1 boundary & that was in the last over (on which Ian Chappal said that at this level this should have been caught), he was eyeing leg side and Pakistanis were bowling him from over the wicket hence ball was coming to him and he was easily playing on the leg side. Alas!!!

A disconsolate Saeed Ajmal is comforted by Salman Butt after Pakistan's shock defeat against Australia in the second semi-final © AFP
ohhhhhhhh my Allah!!! this picture is heart breakning, to see the bowler of the tournament had such an Anti-Climax, sometimes this game is so cruel.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Suggestion to regain PRIDE in sport of Pakistan

ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM! to all “Sports” lover in Pakistan!
The present condition of sports in Pakistan specially in the sports in which we used to rule the world, Cricket, Hockey, Squash and Snooker is extremely heart breaking, we had in 1994 season 4 world cups in the mentioned sports now we are struggling in all of them, because at the grass root level our sports is neglected very badly.

So I request the honorable sports minister to ask President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to make it mandatory that all schools either have playground in them or if they are made on small plot then they have to make a hall or room in which children can play indoor sports like squash or snooker, and government teams can visit any school to check these facilities and children do play there, if they don’t find such facilities then that school should be charges heavily.
By doing such things government can introduce sports and healthy activity at the grass root level and therefore we can achieve our past glories.

Recent but expected debacle in London 2012 Olympics:

It was expected but it’s embarrassing at the same time the way 6th most populous nation in the world i.e. Pakistan not able to win a single Olympic medal since 1992, and the graph of sports hitting new low every time, it’s hard to believe that we used to had 4 world cups in different sports at the same in mid nineties.
Pakistan’s very slim of slimmest hope field hockey was shown mirror in a must win match against Australia by losing to harrowing 7-0 defeat. 

This situation will not change as long as our players after coming last says: After finishing last said, ‘I’m happy with my performance because I was able to improve …’- Anam Banday (wild-card entrant) was she going in Olympics to improve her personal best????

Why not Pakistan Olympic Association give Wildcard entries to sports where Pakistan has excelled in the past and has a potential of excelling in the future like Boxing, Wrestling, Aisam ul Haq in Tennis etc why they waste wildcards on sports and people who finished last like Anam Banday, Rabia Ashiq or one of the last ones like other wildcards shooter and other swimmer, they are doing nothing but maligning Pakistan's image in sports as well.

Lt General (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan was re-elected as the ‘President of the Pakistan Olympic Association for the third consecutive four-year term, now tell me how much medals Pakistan won under him? Why he was elected for the 3rd consecutive term, is there any merit for selection in Pakistan??? Bad leadership is also behind bad performances. 

Below pictures shows Pakistani Cricket's decline in 10 years from 2004 to 2014:
Syed Arbab Ahmed
Karachi, Pakistan.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pakistan has still more moderates than Taliban or Liberal Talibans.

It's a great shame that on one side the world is watching 1 extreme that is "Taliban", who slaughter people, kill people, burn school for their personal motives, and now there is a another extreme who wants to represent Pakistan "Liberal Talibans" like Hammad Khan, such people thinks that progress lies in drinking, dating, doing parties despite the terror attacks on their city, somebody tell them that such things are the really weak points of West.

*When Apple fell on Newton's head he was reading a book under tree, and not dancing in the night club (So this is the way to progress "Liberal Talibans" & not what you think)

*E=mc square formula researched by Einstein in a lab, and not while dating. (So this is the way to progress "Liberal Talibans" do not what you think?)

*Everyone who did service to humanity did that outside night clubs, they were not drinking while inventing something and they were not certainly not on a date when they were formulating their scientific research.

"Is there anybody in Pakistan other than "Talibans" & "Liberal Talibans" who portray the real moderate image of Pakistan, who are neither violent like Taliban nor vulgar like liberal talibans? is there anybody who portrays the REAL PAKISTAN? which is moderate? which is us."

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I just wanted to say few things

“Played the clips of young couple on national television, who requested to turn off the cameras.” hmm… if they were clear from any guilt and they told their parents where they are going and not lied to them, then why they wanted camera to be turned off?


I really liked that tweet about MAYA KHAN topic
@ammaryasir Ammar Yasir [RONIN]
So predictable when foreign journos prefer writing a piece on Maya Khan (an overdone topic) than
Arfa Karim. Of’course the bad image sell