Thursday, December 31, 2009

Correct Urdu words, which are normally wrongly used.

                              “Correct Urdu words, which are normally wrongly used”

Correct Urdu words pronunciations with wrong words:

1- “Iftaar” & not “Aftaar”
2- “Ufuq” & not “Ufaq”
3- “Shifa” & not “Shafa”, Khuda shafa day, kehna bddua (Curse) hai.
4- ”Maraz” & not “Marz”
5- ”Shughul” & not “Shughal”
6- ”Unsar” & not “Unsur”

Reference: Hamara Muashra aur Arabi by Dr. Ghulam-e-Mustafa Khan,
Book: Makhzan-e-Adab page no. 79, A Karachi University book.


Reference: By 'Iftikhar Hussain Arif' in ATV morning show; 'Morning with Farha'.


  1. We are really appreciate to you. For maintaining your blog. This is really great job. Please post different news for catch the views.

  2. what is correct Mashwara or Mashvira? kindly help.