Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 T20 Pakistan vs Australia (Semi-Final), my comments

Michael Hussey made us lost a test match as well single handedly, he was playing all his shots on the leg side except 1 boundary & that was in the last over (on which Ian Chappal said that at this level this should have been caught), he was eyeing leg side and Pakistanis were bowling him from over the wicket hence ball was coming to him and he was easily playing on the leg side. Alas!!!

A disconsolate Saeed Ajmal is comforted by Salman Butt after Pakistan's shock defeat against Australia in the second semi-final © AFP
ohhhhhhhh my Allah!!! this picture is heart breakning, to see the bowler of the tournament had such an Anti-Climax, sometimes this game is so cruel.


  1. In that recent article I said "You never quite know what to expect with Pakistan but you expect to be entertained, frustrated or bewitched at every twist and turn of the game.”
    by Michael Jeh