Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You, I; we are 'Pakistan'.

The problem with the people of Pakistan that they blame Pakistan for every problem that Pakistan has, the problem of Electricity, the problem of clean water or no water at all, the Corruption, education system, law & order situation, in fact the other day in my office a lady was blaming Pakistan and even its creation for a mobile snatching incident. Imagine our mindset that we target Pakistan for every problem & issue that is created by Pakistanis themselves and not by Pakistan.
So the everyday problems that we face in Pakistan are due to Pakistanis, only us the Pakistanis can make this place a better place, the waste that is 95% on the streets of Pakistan is not thrown by Pakistan but by the Pakistanis themselves, the overflowing of gutter is due to our excessive use of polythene bags and then using every place around us as dustbin, who is doing this? Pakistan? Certainly not, we (Pakistani) are responsible for it. Things like corruption can be tackled by making law superior than any individual, educating children in a real sense about sanitation at primary level, Konda system is the main cause for electricity breakage, as people who use konda; use electricity very very lavishly and as we know that they don’t have to pay bills, so it leads to shortage of electricity.
As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made himself example for everything that is good, and we are his followers so follow him and made our self example and then try guide others, then your country Pakistan will become good by itself.
Conclusion: ‘Things do not change; we change.’ — Henry David Thoreau


  1. i think u r partially rite...!!
    but when we talk about our country pakistan, we need to talk straight stuff on it... i.e. admit what is wrong about it and cherish whats good about it... problems of any country occur in a reprecursive effect, i.e. if one thing goes wrong many other things go wrong with it... and same happend with the rite. in my view the biggest problem of pakistan(ees) is that we lie to ourself, we do hypocracy to our selves and are in contineous state of denyial... so solution to it is that we should first try to speak truth and then acess ourselves on the basis of that... then only we can strive for betterment... critizing country may work for shorter spans,.. that people may think you are a keen observer but... consider this also that we live in the sociaty of illiterate people and to convice them and impress them is not such a big issue... so my resolution to finding out the solution is that make urself trust worthy forst and be true to urself and then try think for ur country...!!

  2. We have the infrastructure in place, just need to utilize it to its potential. We do not hesitate to blame our existing laws without realizing that we actually have the law making body in place to amend any faulty laws.

    It just what we want ourselves to become...blaming country only will not work longer as rightly said by Zuhair.