Friday, October 21, 2011

Did USA, NATO, UK, Europe etc repeated the Afghanistan chapter with Iraq, Syria & Libya?

USA, NATO, UK, Europe etc again played the same dangerous game that they played in Afghanistan created, fully armed Taliban, Al-Qaida and then left them with their weapon, hence allowed them for a long war inside Afghanistan which then spread outside from Afghanistan.

No country has the right to change regime of other country, this creates a vacuum which produces violent civil wars & extremist/terrorist groups.

In Iraq, they by force kicked Saddam Hussain out of power, who is a dictator, no one supports him but they way they taken out Saddam resulted loss of more than 1 million lives and creation of ISIS.

As they never learned from past experience they wanted to change the regime in Syria as well, and same as they did in Afghanistan arming the rebels, which is also going into the hands of ISIS, which also results civil wars and mass casualties and millions of refugees.

In Libya they armed rebels so much with new arms that they even killed the military dictator 'Moammar Gadhafi' with his entire Amazon, Army, Navy & Air Force.

Will the armed Libyan rebel surrender their arms? Can u answer it USA, NATO, UK, Europe etc or u have created a new safe heaven for extremism and for oil?

Should this be allowed to intervene so much in a foreign country & especially in a violent fashion?


Will they blame Islam, Muslims again?


  1. It is time whole world say's "Enough is Enough"
    Openly Slaughtering a nations people and blame it all on qaddafi he is dead supposedly and still the killing goes on And Obama calls this war a Success
    Ask Libyans how succseful it is now being ruled by CIA Criminals in Action Armed & Trained Al Qaeda
    Terror group this is as Insane as Gun Running to Mexican Drug Cartels Holder Lies under oath and who Cares? USA is in a state of Apathy awaiting Fema camps and extermination endorced by Military and Police time to awake this Crap They are dishing out effects us all?

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