Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why people provoke Muslims, & Freedom of speech' also has boundaries???

In the name of freedom of speech, Anti-Islamist provoking Muslims, and then they say why MUSLIMS people are so violent.

                                   *** Freedom of speech' also has boundaries??? ***

I have following Questions from 'Champions of freedom of speech':
1-Am I allowed to deny Holocaust? NO; as there are laws against Holocaust denial & because 'Freedom of speech' also has boundaries

2-Why don't the champions of freedom of speech, let on air the advertise of DRUGS? NO, because 'Freedom of speech' also has boundaries
3-Why don't the champions of freedom of speech, let on air the advertise of SMOKING? NO, because 'Freedom of speech' also has boundaries

4-Why don't the champions of freedom of speech, let on air the advertise of alcohol drinking KIDS? WOW! what a double standard for champions of freedom of speech.

5-Am I allowed to abuse people?, NO; there are Defamation laws & as you know now that 'Freedom of speech' also has boundaries 

6-Am I allowed to bully people? NO, because 'Freedom of speech' also has boundaries

-So how come ridiculing, playing with emotions of more than 1.5 billion Muslims can be categorized as 'Freedom of speech'???

 -Hurting sentiments is not freedom of speech, it incites violence

-Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to insult,

-French magazine Charlie Hebdo & those who do it abused their freedom of expression.
 *** Freedom of speech' also has boundaries??? YES, it has boundaries & NO to provocation***

Non-Muslims want to provoke Muslims by making pictures of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Pope Benedict XVI of Vatican passed foolish with full of lies remarks on ISLAM etc etc and then they say why Muslims are always angry, WOW! What a double standard?

Swedish Sketches Start Another Ridiculous Backlash

Danish papers reprint Muhammad cartoon

Report: Muslim Boycott Hurts Denmark’s Economy

The Blasphemous Teddy Bear
She was a teacher in an Islamic country “Sudan” & she did not know the very basics of the national religion of that country, she must have guided the children rather than helping them out in a immature act.

Dutch lawmaker planning film criticizing the Quran

Dutch MP posts Islam film on web

Provoke by Anti-religious people

Swiss move to ban minarets

Switzerland votes on Muslim minaret ban

Pakistani MP “Baber Awan” plans film to challenge Dutch lawmaker's anti-Quran film

R.I. priest defrocked for refusing to give up faith in Islamic religion

You must be nicer to Muslims, Britain is told by UN human rights chiefs
A Norwegian Comedian made a drama to burn the Quran butavoided by saying, the book would have more power, if I put it on fire. She might have a Muslim name but believe me she must be funded and propagated by Anti-Islamist:

Boerka yes, no boerka

Wearing of burkha banned in rural college

From Tunis to Tehran, the great veil debate
'Hip' hijab takes on Dutch prejudices
Protest Hijab ban in Bulgaria

School bans Muslim mother from parents' evening for wearing veil

Muslim woman barred from Paris pool for 'burquini'

Nicolas Sarkozy: burqa not welcome in France

these things unfortunately are on the increase, they rather engage Muslims in dialogue that why they are angry with west they are provoking them which is very dangerous.

Outrage over Muslim woman killed in court

Vandals desecrate 500 French Muslim war graves

China’s Muslim Uyghurs Forbidden to Fast during Ramadan


Hindu group pushed for hijab ban in so called “Secular India”:

College in India Illegally Bans Hijab under Hindu Student Pressure:

Summarised “Sachar Report” on Status of Indian Muslims

After reading “Sachar Report” on Status of Indian Muslims I have become more patriotic Pakistani.

Brahmin priest punished for Muslim kid care

More Muslims studying, but can't find jobs
that is why Pakistan created.

How USA’s military provoking Muslims:

Taxi to the Dark Side


An in-depth look at the torture practices of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, focusing on an innocent taxi driver in Afghanistan who was tortured and killed in 2002.

American Rose fights for Pakistani husband

Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings


28 Jan. '09: Israel held many Gaza prisoners in harsh and humiliating conditions and threatened their lives and their health

Law forbids religious attire for teachers in Oregon

Israel starved Gaza of power and water

Israeli soldiers storm a wedding, abduct groom

Serbs ordered to pay for mosques

these things unfortunately are on the increase, they rather engage Muslims in dialogue that why they are angry with West & with anti-Islamic forces but instead they are provoking Muslims which is very very very dangerous, we may end up in a biggest war in this manner the "Greatest World War 3", between Islam with the Anti-Islam, which will end this world for ever.


  1. It’s a small crime list, but list is enough to open eyes towards "Muslim being targeted on purpose".
    What is the reason; Why Islam is target of west. What does Muslim have, why west is in competition with Islam, Why not China, why Russia or why other growing economies.
    The only reason is; Muslims have obligatory concept of uniting whole Muslim world into Islamic state Caliphate. This simply means end to National states like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Saudi Arab, Iraq, Lebanon, Indonesia etc. Resulting into single Islamic state Caliphate ruled with Shariah laws defined in Quran and Sunnah. This is great challenge to west, since their capitalistic ideology is of no match with ideology of Islam when it comes down to intellectual debate or statistics. That’s why west is ready to take Islam with all the dirty tricks, Alhumdullilah Muslims from different school of thoughts, different region are only united under one demand, i.e. Islamic state Caliphate. That’s the nightmare of west, they have planted puppet leadership and even bought scholars for their support but yet Muslims are coming back towards the call of Islam that existed 1,400 years i.e. Al-Khilfah.

  2. You compare your dumbass religion with smoking/alcohol/drugs?

    So we ban such things from advertisment since its bad for health. Maybe we should ban islam aswell?

    Good idea lets disallow islam worldwide and make this world a better place with no religion!

  3. Good u accepted that smoking/alcohol/drugs are bad for health and u did not write a single letter in order to prove Islam as wrong. It means u have nothing to prove so.