Monday, May 25, 2009

Cyber Jihad


“JIHAD” is must for every Muslim & there are types of jihad for example 1) Jihad-e-Saif 2) Jihad-e-Nafs 3) Jihad-e-Maal 4) Jihad-e-Qalm & to me, there is a sub branch of Jihad-e-Qalm now introduced as “CYBER JIHAD”, as we all know that Non-Muslims maligning Islam as much as they can through Print & Electronic media so we need to encounter that by propagating the true message & meaning of ISLAM by doing CYBER JIHAD.I just want our Muslims to do "CYBER JIHAD" for the betterment of not only this life but the life after death as well.

I encourage you to also play your role as a Muslim.

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  1. We are easily understand your blog said. I am really happy. I shared your blog to my friend circle.