Sunday, August 16, 2009

To eradicate Extremism/Terrorism, we must........

World can not get rid of “EXTREMISM/TERRORISM” till we resolve the ROOT CAUSES.
The complete denial of world specially west of the issues that made extremist and terrorist is the real problem of this menace of terrorism, in Manawan attack on a Police training center BBC reporter said that “it is time for now Pakistani government to think about issues in Pakistan rather than Kashmir”, this statement clearly shows that west is alarmingly & still in denial mode of the root causes of terrorism.

The most important question is that, that how can we get-rid of this menace of terrorism? & what is the solution to this huge problem?

Is raging a war & invading one country after another going to help, of wining this war against terrorism?

The simple answer is
No! because after this war on terror started by the world under the leadership of USA, the world has become more dangerous place then it was before 9-11-2001, since only Pakistan (the front line ally of USA) had at least 150 suicide bombings in different parts of the country since September 11, 2001 when Pakistan chose to be a frontline state in the US-led war on terror. It has Killings of more than 5000 of innocent people and tens of thousands wounded, in which one of the suicide attack popular leader Benazir Bhutto was martyred. And the same situation of suicide bombings still going on or on a rise in Pakistan.

Check this link to know the consequences of this war on terror:

In reality the world can win this war on terror by eradicating the root causes of terrorism, And they are Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Burma etc etc because they are the breeding grounds of terror, terrorist organizations recruit people in the name of such long standing disputes & by resolving such disputes peacefully through dialogue, we can take out the ground on which these terrorist organization stand on and when these issues are peacefully resolved then terrorist organizations will not have any grounds to ask for money or any kind of support from the people to help them to liberate Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya etc as they will lose power in their speeches to attract youngsters to join them.
“I hope & pray that world especially west understand this otherwise the future of this world will become even more uncertain.”

To eradicate Terrorism, we must........

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