Sunday, May 3, 2009

If India is democracy then give Kashmiris the right of REFERUNDUM

India must resolve the KASHMIRI dispute acc. to the wishes of the ppl of Kashmri through referendum in which they should b given 3 options. 1- Kashmir with Pakistan 2- Kashmir with India 3- Independent Kashmir, without doing this India is NOT NOT NOT the biggest democracy in the world.
"This is the only peaceful resolution for a dispute which is BURNING for more than half a century. This is the only way poor countries like India & Pakistan use their resources on the people rather than on weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION".

*-*-*If India is democracy then give Kashmiris the right of REFERENDUM.*-*-*

On social media just hear the voice of Kashmiri people & Indian cold heart responses:

Indian Occupied Kashmir wants Independence

Check the above mentioned "playlist" of Indian occupied Kashmir situation.

Meerut university suspends 67 Kashmiri students for cheering Pakistan's victory over India 

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  1. We can do a poll in India:
    what to do with people living in Kashmir think about joining Pakistan or ask for separate country?
    If majority of our people request to kill them,
    Indian Army will kill them.

    Kashmir is integral part of India.

  2. Talk peace than war, resolve issues according to the wishes of the people (peacefully).