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Pakistan is not learning from mistakes results losing again to India in a world cup match

As I see the loss to India in 2016 T20 World cup 

-Very experience Haroon Rashid & rest of his selection team knew that T20 World cup is in India but didn't select a single genuine spinner?
-Why limited player Sharjeel Khan was selected on the basis of just 2 innings in PSL, from past experience it was found out that at international level teams will work him out.

Pitch reading
-Afridi, Waqar, Intikhab, Grant & all senior players with their years of international experience failed to judge the day-night spinning pitch & played with 4 fast bowlers? Actually there was news of addition of 4th fast bowler (Sami) 1 day before the match

-Pakistan certainly could not have contained Indian batting on this poor total, so they had to attack but there was no slips when Yuvraj came to bat, so nobody was there to catch him out which he gave
-When Pakistani management saw the ball is turning huge then why they did not send players who play spin well, like Sarfaraz, Hafeez?
-There seemed to be no planning for Kohli, e.g. they did not try to trap him, bowling short with short leg, Deep square leg & Deep midwicket they had to try something out of the blue but they didn't

-There was no plan B of Pakistani batsmen, when the pitch was turning they did not try to use the crease or exaggerated foot works or singles/double they were trying to hit the ball, learn from Kohli

Reality check
-We don't need to brag our fast bowling, face the reality Pakistani fast bowling is just reasonable not good as they don't defend even mediocre totals

Losing to India in 2015 Cricket World Cup in exactly the same fashion as 2011 world cup semi final:

Pakistani team is not learning from Past, hence losing again and again against India in World cups,
It is not rocket science, first of all Pakistani team need psychologist for mental preparation to play against India in world cup and Pakistan cannot win till they learn from Past mistakes.

                               My views on 2011 Cricket world:

Indian hard work paid off, they were determined to become WORLD CHAMPIONS, read this 'India planned final for a year'

whereas v r selecting players on the bases on name who more often do not perform than put up a good show like Abdul Razzaq (Once in a while performs & when somebody tells him that if he does not perform now he'll be dropped), Kamran Akmal (Who according to one newspaper catch 8 and drop 10 catches, got so many aliases like Kamran Dropmal, Kamran F**kmal, & believe me he is no Sir. Donald Bradman with the bat only performed against the weak bowling of W.I), Younus Khan in ODI (Never been a good ODI batsman, either play mother of test matches or all of a sudden try to be Shahid Afridi), Misbah Ul Haq (His batting strategy is beyond explanation), ohh... my God, where v r going? :-@
Every world cup winner captain has been the special talent in
-1975 & 1979 Clive Lloyd did unite different players from different island for one cause, that is to win the world cup,
-1983 Kapil Dev one of the best all rounder ever, lead India well throughout the competition, his 175 against Zimbabwe in 1983 world cup not only saved India from humiliating defeat but this gave India the confidence that they badly needed, in the final he took a special catch to dismiss Viv Richards and turn the final game around to upset the black tornado,
-1987 Allan Border was the first man, who made Australia what Australia then became the untouchable, record breaking machine team,
-1992 Imran Khan the best all rounder and captain this world has ever seen, with bad shoulder & bandage on, he kept on bowling and batted at top order and played crucial innings in most important matches like Semi final and final,
-1996 Arjuna Ranatunga give lunkans the believe that not only they can compete at the world stage but also to become the force to deal in the cricketing world,
-1999 Steve Waugh made his world cup first century in a very important knock out match against mighty South Africa and then moved on to beat everyone to hold the trophy,
-2003 & 2007 Ricky Ponting one of the best batsman who always performed when badly needed, Harbhajan Singh used to make fun of his batting against him, but in the final in 2003 he played the match winning knock and threw Harbhajan to cleaners,
-2011 everybody knew that Mahindra singh Dhoni has the talent both as a player and as an attacking leader who fights from the front, has won the world cup despite of their weak bowling.
We need same kind of leadership; Shahid Afridi was very good with his bowling, don't want to talk about his batting specially against Australia, as a captain he was reasonable but bad at some patches like not having planning for batting power play, not setting attacking field even when the batting was under pressure, like in Semi Final when Dhoni came for batting was not in form and gave slip chances but Pakistan had no slips and it did happen to almost every player, but he guessed it very late, ah…
Some encouraging points though:
*-By the grace of Allah; Pakistan was the only team which proved its dominance of bowling on the best batting lineup in the world which is India, even after dropping so many catches and ground misfieldings Pakistani bowling managed to restrict Indians to only 260 on an Indian pitch, you need some good bowling to do that.
*-When India won 50 overs Cricket world cup in 1983 Pakistan moved on to become favorites in 1987 & won it in 1992, so still there is a 'RAY OF HOPE', & also when India won T20 world cup in 2007 we came back to win the very next edition in 2009 ;-) 

              On losing to India in a semi final 2011 Cricket World Cup: 

                                                              (HELP OURSELVES)
Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they (strive to) change it themselves
[Holy Qur'an- 13:11]
R v really helping ourself (Kya Allah khush hoga hum say)?
1-Hawai firing kar rahay hain, jis say log zakhmi hoae, aur janain bhi jati hain. 80 wounded 2 killed – ARY NEWS
---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
2-Patakhay pharay ja rahay hain, jab masjid main namaz ho rahi hai, ghar main bimar hain, bozorg hain.
---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
3-Larkian nangay sir, Pakistani shirt pehan kr baghair dopattay k, tv par bazaron main ghoom rahi hain.
(Kuch log aitraaz kartay hain k phir tou gair Musalmano ko tou jeetna hi nahi chayae, tou bhaiyon, yae donia tou jannat hai unk liay unko choot hai yahan, magar hamaray liay is dona main chutti nahi hai, jo boay gain wahi katay gain akhrat main, aur un k liay sakhti hogi wahan aur wo bhi hamesha k liay, tou mawazzna nahi hai)
---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
4-Aamalon ka daromadaar neeyaton pr hai dil say doa karni thi bhalay sirf aik bar hi kartay, sms ki machine gun say kuch nahi hoa karta.
---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
5-Log Dada elephant, najomion k chakkar main hain, jab k mustakbil ka hall sirf Allah janta hai, Islam ki bonyadi taleem hai.
---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
V dropped countless catches if they comes, bcoz v r mentally dent in world cups when it comes to India, Pakistani team ko 'Psychologist' ki zarorat hai. India say 'world cup' main jeetnay k liay, har bar bori tarah haaray hain, 5 out of 5 now in 50 overs & 2 times in 20 twenty format (fighting but still world cup defeats).
Synopsis: Khalat kaam kartay hoay DOA kaisay qabool hogi?, HUM SABKO DOKHA DAY SAKTAY HAIN, ALLAH KO NAHI.
"Nothing new losing to India in a world cup match, it always happened".

                     "ALLAH KARAM KARAY, HUM SABKO HIDAYAAT DAE"- Aameen

V used to lose to India more than often before Javed Miandad hit the very famous 6 to Chetan Sharma, it made India scared from us, that they did not even want to play with us, v need the same kind of PASSION, HEROICS from a single man or from a team otherwise

A million dollar question, can v overcome our mental dent and beat India in a world cup match? 

Dhoni's Tootka:
There must be some ‘TOTKA’ in MS Dhoni’s hair style as he changed his hair style within hours after winning the world cup, he won world cup at night but on morning next day he had a time to trim his hair, surprise surprise…, as wining after the biggest event of Cricket, he had the time to do so, normally people & players for a month don't even think of any other thing then to celebrate the great victory.
When he had long hair India won T20 world cup, with normal hair style he won 50 overs world cup and now he has very short hair, hm….
          Noticeable retirements:
*Shoaib Akhtar(PAK): Yes he will be missed, but unfortunately he did not touch the same peak as his ideals Wasim Akram & Waqar Younus did, Shoaib had the potential, but his direction was unclear due to many controversies like (his attitude on & off the field, objections on his bowling action & injuries), it's sad because so much was expected from him, but he'll also be remembered for good reasons as well for e.g. His bowling performance in Australia against Australia in indoor stadium, performance at Sharjah against South Africa & 2 yorkers 2 clean bowled of 2 legends Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar (his 1st duck in test matches).

*Muttiah Muralitharan(Sri): Most successful wicket taker in the world in Test matches and in ODI, had a sad retirement as he did not pick any wicket and lost the world cup final to India. Last but not least I do believe that his action was not very clear. 

*Steve Tikolo(Ken): A Caribbean flavored batsman, who could play great shots on every corner of the ground.


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