Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moin Akhtar, definition of 'Legend' - Rest in peace

I m sad somebody call Moin Akhtar, but...
He is the definition of the word 'Legend', he'll be missed forever as he passed away on 22-04-2011 on Friday, a combination of immense talent with great personal ethics which is a rarity in larger than life celebrities, he made so many careers, he helped people unconditionally even the great Umer Sharif says that he made him. He'll be missed forever. May his soul rest in peace.
Dilip Kumar, passed these comments: “Moin Akhtar’s great artistry is worth copying.”
In 22 days Pakistan has lost 4 great comedians, Liaquat Soldier, Mastana, Babu Baral and now king of all Moin Akhtar, may their soul rest in peace.
"Ronay do Aaj jee bhar ke hamain Doston
aaj us ny rulaya hy jis ny muskurana sikhaya tha."

"Zamana baray shauq say sun raha tha
hm hi sogae dastan kehtay kehtay."
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