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Review on 'Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro', Nokia 101 & Samsung C160 Mobile Phones, its Vantages and Minuses

1st time I purchased a mobile phone 'Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro' which has a mobile operating system and it happens to be 'Android 2.1 Eclair', So I thought I should write my review regarding the phone

  1. Sony Ericsson camera is by far the best this was the most cheap mobile phone at least among well known mobile companies which had 5 Mega pixel camera, and it has facilities of Auto, Macro, Twilight and Sports, good video quality as well
  2. Very powerful flashlight
  3. Extremely good response of touch screen
  4. Small size so it does not take much space in pocket
  5. Fast processing
  6. Excellent Sound
  7. QWERTY Keyboard    
  8. Scratch-resistant glass
  9. Good life of Battery
  10. Android operating system
  11. Very solid & durable, people often regard Nokia as the champion in that perspective but I have my personal experience, short story that made me to say that; when I was on top of a running bus and it fell down from my pocket, its back cover and phone was scattered on the road the few cars and motorcycles must have passed from it as the back cover was flat and there were scratches on the phone, then I came from one stop ahead as bus dragged me there, the phone was turned off, when I switched on the phone it took some time but surprisingly it turned on, only the external memory card (SD Card) which I purchased separately was not working, otherwise phone was working fine and there was not a single scratch on the screen. :)
  1. Android 2.1 cannot be upgradable to any further advancement, so all applications install on mobile and not on SD Card
  2. Only 128 MB of internal (mobile memory), so if you want to install a bit heavy application then uninstall other applications
  3. Mobile is kind of heavy 120 g or .12 Kg
  4. Does not have multi-touch
  5. Extremely bad Bluetooth (Even Bluetooth applications does not work well with it)
  6. No default zoom in Camera
  7. Some people really like it but I personally don't like threaded view SMS

Price: In (May 2011) the price of the mobile was 18,500 Pakistani rupees.

Note: This review is given on the basis of default functionalities of the phones, android applications may enhance these functions.

For details of phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_xperia_x10_mini_pro-3147.php

                   My 2nd phone for review is 'Nokia 101', it is a simple phone with 2 SIMS capability

  1.  Relatively cheaper phone having 2 SIMS among well known mobile companies
  2. Very loudgood sound quality (Mp3 player and Radio)
  3. Perform operation at a faster pace, good software
  4. Has reasonable no. of games for this price mobile 
  5. Urdu language support
  6. MicroSD memory card slot, hot swappable, up to 16 GB
  7. Good quality battery
  8. Flashlight quality is good
  9. Good no. of themes & screen savers
  1. Biggest minus of this phone is that SMS inbox and outbox timings & dates do not show with SMS
  2. Once the contact is added, you can't edit the name, only number you can edit 
  3. No MMS
  4. Can't play MP3 without connecting handset with the phone
  5. No facility for Internet
  6. After reading SMS pushing side navigation key button do not allow you to enter into the next or previous SMS
  7. When you navigate FM channels by numbers, it sound a loud 'BEEP' which is hurting on ears
  8. Battery charges very slowly
Price: In (December 2011) the price of the mobile was 2,450 Pakistani rupees.

For details of phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_101-4121.php 

                                My 3rd phone for review is 'Samsung C160', it is just a simple phone
  1. Internet availability at this price among well known mobile companies
  2. Very light Weight & slim
  3. Good & loud quality of sound for Radio
  4. Good quality battery
  5. After reading SMS pushing side navigation key button allow you to enter into the next or previous SMS

  1. Can hold very less no. of   SMS only 100
  2. Very slow software
Price: In (February 2008) the price of the mobile was 18,000 Pakistani rupees.

For details of phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_c160-1922.php

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  1. X10 review was generally positive as it keeps falling Sony Ericsson brand that received much criticism for a lackluster performance in 2009. The first thing you will notice that the phone is done is like 90% of the phone is dedicated to the display itself.

  2. No doubt Sony Ericsson offers great phone and this model sure is a proof of that. Awesome phone to consider.