Monday, July 23, 2012

SIM registered to my CNIC of a hooligan?

SIM registered to my CNIC of a hooligan? it happened again, but this time it became very serious, so I thought I should share this on my blog so it can be beneficial for other as well, what happened and what I did in response is in this email below which I mailed to Djuice (Telenor):

Dear Djuice customer service team:

I want to bring your attention to a very serious & a image deteriorating 

issue for you, I only issued and hence registered only 1 SIM but by messaging 

PTA 668 I came to know that there are other SIMs registered on my CNIC I 

wonder how so on 19-11-11 I went to your franchise (UP moore) and fill the 

form for deregistering other SIMs that I did not issued.

Yesterday I received a phone call from a person who said that he was harassed 

by a number (0344-7968849) and that number is registered to my number, that 

harassed person had my CNIC information and told me that I am informing you 

as the 1st step the 2nd step would be bringing police to your home.

Then I checked through PTA 668 service that 2 Telenor SIMs are registered to 

my number, HOW, WHY……….? Only 1 SIM I registered which I use, I never 

registered 2 SIMs to my number and also as I mentioned deregistered SIMs 

which I did not issued once on 19-11-11. Then HOW, WHY….. The other SIM 

registered to my number?

So today 19-7-2012 I went to your main branch at Hydri, with 2 major 


i-How the other SIM is registered to my CNIC?

ii- And why you did leak my CNIC information to any other person?

The person at counter 3 named ‘Mr. Zaid Amir Ullah’ told me that,

Ai- that SIM (from which the person was harassed 0344-7968849) was initially 

registered to my CNIC (I wonder how?) but on 7-2-12 it was deregistered (may 

be due to my 19-11-11 form) and it was registered to some other person.

Aii-Your CNIC information we did not leak, he may have taken from other 


But as I said I had to fill the form AGAIN, as a new SIM was registered to my 

name other than the SIM I issued and it will take at least 45 days to 


I messaged the harassed person about it, but he said he has already lodged 

FIR to police and they will trace that person whoever he is.

My questions remain bothering me:

 i-I deregistered other SIMs to my name on 19-11-11 then how the other new SIM 

is registered to my CNIC?

ii-And how my CNIC information reached to any other person (In this case to 

harassed person)?

And please do remove "Give us a buzz at 345 for immediate solution to your 

problems and queries" as at 1 am I had to wait 25 to 20 minutes then I was 

answered and the person after listening to me cut the phone, same happened 

2nd time and 3rd time when I narrated the whole

story the call centre person said that we don't deal with such issues, so 

remove that part from your website home page

I am letting you know of such incidents which can cause serious damage, 

always make sure that registration must be clear and transparent, as this 

brings disrepute to your status, and I hope that you will take proper action 

against your workers who register SIMs without the registration process.


                                                         Your customer,

                                                      Syed Arbab Ahmed.

____________________________ Next day I got their reply _______________________________

Dear Telenor team,

Please find my comments in Blue color.


Syed Arbab Ahmed
Dear Mr. Ahmed,

Thank you for writing to Telenor and having brought your concern to us. With reference to your email hereunder, please be informed that effective from 1st of Feb 2009, all new Prepaid SIMs are activated once the subscriber dials 789 and verifies his personal data.

Furthermore, the SIM is activated upon correct verification of subscriber’s background which is verified through NADRA data base. Hence, there is no chance to get registered any SIM in your name unless you called on the above mentioned number and provide the details for verification yourself.

As I said in my last email that, only 1 SIM I registered and I personally went to your franchise for that, I never called for any other SIM registration, and I used to think that one need to go personally for SIM registration but if this registration is that easy then it’s a great pity, all a hooligan need to do is to have someone CNIC or its photocopy which that person may have taken via gun point wallet snatching etc

On the other hand, please ensure that apart from Computerized National Identity Card, you should also keep your personal information in safe and do not disclose to anybody to avoid the future happening of the activation of unauthorized subscriptions of Telenor against your C.N.I.C.

Thanks for your advice, I already do care about my personal information, but what a person can do when his wallet, bag etc is snatched on gun point which happened to me more than one time. And please make sure that for SIM registration a person has to himself be present otherwise please don't register SIM to anyone as it may be used for illegal purposes.
We look forward to having your kind understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Nonetheless, any inconvenience caused as a result of our policies is sincerely regretted and apologized for.

Please do let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you further. We shall be more than delighted to hear from you!

Customer Relations

Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

Phone: +92-42-111-345-100

Fax: +92-42-111-345-200

P.O. Box # 345, The Mall, Lahore.



_________________________ After 2 days I got their reply ____________________________

Dear Mr. Ahmed,

Thank you for writing to Telenor. With reference to your email, please be informed that your concerns have been noted and forwarded to the relevant teams. We thank you for taking the time to write to us and for providing us your valuable feedback.

If there is anything else we can do to assist further, please do let us know. Your continued business and satisfaction are important to us!

Customer Relations

Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

Phone: +92-42-111-345-100

Fax: +92-42-111-345-200

P.O.Box #345, The Mall Lahore


i-Please make sure that only your SIM/SIMs are registered under your CNIC as it may be used for terrorist or any other bad activity. Without dashes message your CNIC to 668 or

ii-This is not only the case with Telenor, this is the case with almost all of telecommunication companies as 1st time when 6 extra SIMs were registered under my name were of other companies as well.


  1. koi bta skta hy .k simghum jay or apne nam na ho to apne nam py kesy karway

  2. Attention all,


    Kindly note there is a new technique used by robbers and carjackers to escape from arrest due to their criminal activities. They are collecting used scratch cards and once they abandon the car or where they dump the dead bodies they leave the already used scratch card at the scene. Once the police arrive they are using the scratch card serial numbers to track on which phone number it was loaded then they start tracking the phone number owner. Already two people in Karachi who fell victim of the Trick. TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE Once you load airtime make sure you destroy the card before you dispose it to avoid such incidences.


  3. Asalamo Alaikum Sir today i send sms on 668 and know 5 sim registred on my CNIC i use only one what i do to removed extra sims ? plz tell am wa8ng thnx

    1. My blog is a bit long but you can find your answer there as well, but I summarize it here as well, Go to the customer service center by your self of your mobile network with your original CNIC and then ask the receptionist that cancel any other SIM registered on my CNIC other than my original number, he'll give you the carbon copy of that paper, keep that paper with you as an evidence, the process of cancellation will take 45 days.

      I hope this answers your query. "All of you do it as soon as possible, as it can be really dangerous".