Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review on 'Sony Xperia Z' smartphone & design of 'Sony Xperia Z series'.

I have purchase 'Sony Xperia Z' on 17th September 2014, so I am sharing my experience and observation with you which are may be limited but different and from my perspective, (It may be also relevant for new Sony Xperia Z series e.g. Z2, Z3 as their body shape is exactly the same) for clarity in three headings:


1- Hardly hangs in any of the operations

2- Good provided ringtones

3- Wow, Camera quality, as always with Sony mobiles, both front and rare cameras are amazing

4- Itself ask to update latest Android

5- Fast processing even with high definition games

6- Good memory space and you can add microSD cards as well

7- Great battery life, play games on and among the phones I used and heard of


1- Speakers are not that powerful (same issue as my old Xperia Sola phone)

2- Location of the speaker is not suitable for people who hold the phone on his right hand, hand covers it & also when you play games and hold it horizontally, finger also covers it

3- Very soon & easily gets really heat-up, if you have not used any other waterproof phone, then especially at first it surprises & annoys you

4- When you set Alarm, first tap 'Set' but does not set the alarm, then on the next window you have to tap 'Done' as well. (New issue introduced, as it was not there with my old Xperia Sola)

5-Too much extra space around the display, especially at the bottom

Suggestions to introduce in your mobile:

1- Wireless FM radio should now be introduce, even Pakistani 'QMobile' phones has wireless FM radio system

2- Dual speakers on different positions should be introduce like 'OnePlus One' phones or something to have that great music effect that dual speakers produced


All in all a very good mobile for those who wants to purchase a good & latest Android mobile, one year ago it used to be the flagship mobile for Sony but still good enough to have as an excellent mobile

For more about this phone:

Purchasing Date: 17-09-2014
Price: 31k Pakistani Rupees
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