Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scientific innovations/inventions, Are they possible? Lets find da Vinci within us:

I am not a scientist I am a common man with limited knowledge, and it is possible that we may have worked on following things, but we need far more attention as for sure we are not that advance to use following scientific things for our betterment:

1-Electricity from Thunder lightning
Can we really use Thunder lightning to generate electricity? As far as I know Thunder lightning generates so much electricity and it occurs approximately 40–50 times a second worldwide, we make it travel to the ground to avoid any catastrophe then why don't we save it, the way we save electricity for UPS?. Save this electricity and then we can use it, what's the obstacle in that?

2-Anti nuke, which stops the chain reaction of atom bomb
We are wasting our money to make things which are most destructive, why not we are diverting our attention to make reaction which cancels or neutralize the atom bomb chain reaction? Is it possible? As we know that we do have Exothermic chemical reaction (If we take our heat the reaction slows down & ultimately stops) or Endothermic reaction, In Endothermic reaction (If we anti change the temperature it might help to slow down or to stop reaction), so could we create anti reaction of atom bombs, through starting some other reaction or something?
If we can't do it, then can we slow down the reaction, as we use catalyst to increase the speed of reaction, then is there anyway to decrease atom bomb chain reaction

3-Multiplayer Mobile games that friends do play connected via bluetooth, NFC or something not Internet
We have multiplayer games which used internet to play multiplayer games, but if we don't have internet facility then how we can play multiplayer games among friends sitting in a room? This also should be done.

4-Sea water purifier through solar energy
Well there is so much shortage of water in Pakistan, we know that through Sun light we can burn anything as it produces so much heat, then why we cannot make thermos kind of things which get heat from Sun, boils water inside and as the water boils, it goes to other chamber where it cools down. That water is purified as when the water boils it leaves impurities behind it, and must be drinkable

Lets find da Vinci within us:

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