Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To eradicate Terrorism, we must........

This is my message to the whole "world" for the better & peaceful future of our "WORLD", without heeding on the "Root Causes" of extremism & terrorism, we simply can't have peace in our World.

The question is do we really want peace & harmony or we are not really sincere in resolving this problem of terrorism, if we are really sincere to have a peaceful world, do we really know how to have a peaceful world?

by just killing & capturing few individuals & destroying few organizations, do we really think that the "Menace" of terrorism will be over, by doing such trifle things? do we really think that?

killing individuals like “Abu Laith al-Libi” & destroying organizations like “Al-Qaida” will eradicate terrorism once for all? It is just like cutting branches and twigs of a huge tree, we must have to eradicate the “ROOT CAUSES” of terrorism, only then there will be no terrorist or extremist, b/c without addressing the the “ROOT CAUSES” of terrorism more individuals like Osama Bin Laden & organizations like Al-Qaida will continue to come up & that tree of terrorism will grow its branches and twigs again & again & again.....

As the seed was planted by few countries & individuals foolishly more than half a century ago by leaving such disputes hanging like sharp swords on our necks and now that tree with its branches & twigs is growing further & further as a “ROOT CAUSES” of terrorism & extremism? So what are the “ROOT CAUSES” of terrorism & extremism? they are Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya & all burning and longstanding disputes like them of our world.


This video is made with the desire that the
whole world
will act like a one true family to resolve all
longstanding disputes to have a better
& peaceful future.
Thank you
By Syed Arbab Ahmed
From Karachi, Pakistan
message of peace in the background music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan of Pakistan.

For a Peaceful WORLD, in the background music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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