Wednesday, May 4, 2011

World, Islam, Muslims, Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden & his death.

Osama Bin Laden when he was alive, made so much trouble for the whole world, Islam, Muslims and Pakistan, after his death the whole world will remember wounds given by him, he dented the image & perception of Islam more than anyone else in the entire history of Islam, West may not understand this but Muslims suffered most in every manner from his un Islamic ideology, and Pakistan was the country was the most suffered country, official figures which is far less than original but 5000+ troops and 30000+ civilians at least lost their lives, economy suffered beyond imagination, every field suffered even Sports, but the problem is when he got killed deep inside Pakistan, he took Pakistan’s prestige with him.
Can really Pakistani government afford to?
There is no doubt that Osama Bin Laden has approx. 35% support in Pakistan and common man simply don’t wanted to report him fearing retaliation for his whole family (if somebody knew about him) but Pakistani government simply cannot support and harbor America’s no. 1 enemy as America is the country that gives so much money, aid and help.
Pakistani Intelligence, caliber:
Fact: If Pakistani intelligence would have been that great then there should not be ‘Pakistani Taliban’ or ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’ in the first place but they in fact captured their most famous hill station & tourism spot ‘Swat’.
Without Pakistani cooperation?
But no one in his/her sense can even think to imagine that Americans did it 100% on their own, this is a huge house & it is almost 1 km away from Pakistan military academy which is a no-fly zone. So it’s not possible that American acted without Pakistani know how (at least to some extent), as:
*Pakistan cooperation led US to Osama: (OPEN UR EYES & READ IT, ANTI-PAKISTANIS)
*Pakistan intelligence on site for operation that killed bin Laden, official
*"The secret CIA facility...relied on Pakistani informants and other sources..."
And you can find many many more such confirmation of Pakistani involvement what I have just said.
Biggest ‘Dilemma’:
Dilemma, Pakistan neither can accept that they were involved (fearing retaliation) nor that they were unaware of it (the world would have make fun of Pakistan). So …..
Obama flawed speech:
Obama speech was flawed as he did not illuminated an important point that: Bin Laden has killed more innocent Muslims & dented Islam more than anyone else, which would have been better & engage Muslims as well, but…..
Dead or Alive, which works better?
Osama Bin Laden was not armed – USA official, then he could be caught alive, it must have worked better to destroy Al-Qaida, am I right?
Either Day or Night of American Intelligence:
At least million of people tweet every minute, but they (most probably by journalist) find out @ReallyVirtual (Sohaib Athar) twit related to OPERATION at an instant, then he had only 1,471 followers. Amazing; but USA took a decade to kill Osama Bin Laden, why sometimes (DECADE) the very reliable intelligence & all that technology just do not work?

Iconic Photo:

This photo of the Obama national security team watching the attack on go down surely will become iconic
“1 thing for all the things”

To eradicate Terrorism, we must........

Peace for all,
1st Muslim then a Pakistan.

Evidence is now emerging that the Pakistani government and military not only knew of America’s plans to launch an attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound far in advance, but assisted the United States in the effort.


  1. Good article. I agree with much of it. I read "To eradicate Terrorism" but I am not clear on what you think the root cause of terrorism is. The West has been hated long before 9/11, the USS Cole, Embassys and the other terrorist attacks on the West.

    Many in the West believe that the root of terrorism is not radical Islam, but orthodox Islamn. Iyatolla Khomeini taught, "Islam says: Kill all unbelievers…kill them and put them to the sword and scatter their armies.... Islam says whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and the shadow of the sword….There are hundreds of Qur’anic Psalms and sayings of the prophet Muhammad urging Muslims to value war and to fight." Is he wrong?

  2. 1- Root causes are the burning issues like Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya & now Afghanistan, Iraq etc, I have been with such people they show video, pictures of these places with a heroic speech and recruit people.

    2-Basic Rules Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) taught to Muslims: ALWAYS EVALUATE & INTERPRET SURAAH & HADITH WITH REFERENCE TO CONTEXT (Background) OF ITS REVELATION.

    Great article: How Do The Unwise Interpret The Qur'an?

    Even when u read the verses of Holy Quran of WAR TIME u will find in the related verses about PEACE DEAL, OR MERCY IF THEY SURENDER etc.

    "On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land. (The Noble Quran, 5:32)"

    Does Islam really allow the killing of innocent unbelievers? VISIT THIS LINK TO KNOW YOURSELF


    Does the Quraan Teach Violence?
    Why Anti-Islamist interprets without context for e.g.: An-Nisaa (2:89)

    (The Noble Quran, 4:48) =
    Surah Al-Anfal 8:12 Examined
    To read that Surah

    Surah 9 “Al-Tawbah” (repentance), the most famous verse on Jihad

    For those who 9:5 in the Quran to claim that Islam is a violent religion.... did you try to read 9:6?
    The context of the verse is during battlefield, In order to understand the context, we need to read from verse 1 of this surah. It says that there was a peace treaty between the Muslims and the Mushriqs (pagans) of Makkah. This treaty was violated by the Mushriqs of Makkah. A period of four months was given to the Mushriqs of Makkah to make amends. Otherwise war would be declared against them.

    Surah Taubah chapter 9 verse 6 gives the answer to the allegation that Islam promotes violence, brutality and bloodshed. It says:

    "If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum,grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure that is because they are men without knowledge."

    [Al-Qur'an 9:6]

    So please don't just quote it without knowing the verse before it or the verse after it, without knowing its interpretation and what it refers to.


    Correction of intentional misinterpretation of Bukhari, Ishaq, Tabari by Non-Muslims, just click the link

    An Illuminating Conversation between George Bernard Shaw and Abdul Aleem Siddiqui

    May Allah help & guide us all, Amen’.

  3. Fuck YOU you wannabe Muslim fundo asshole!
    Pakistan is for Pakistanis, not closeted extremists like you! Keep your Allah to yourself and don't shove him down my throat. Christians and Parsis and Hindus live in Pakistan too, you know. Go throw some flowers on your hero Mumtaz Qadri before you say "first a Muslim then Pakistani".
    What Muslim are you? Sunni? Shia? Wahabbi? or Ahmedi? HA! Muslim.

    And you will publish this comment if you REALLY DO SPEAK THE TRUTH. Otherwise you are just another liar on the blogosphere... and you know how Muslims cannot be liars...

  4. @Anonymous: I never said or thought even once that Non-Muslim should be victims of persecution and atrocities, from where you get that? You got it all wrong Mr. Anonymous.

    "There must be justice for everyone", for the peace & harmony of this world, that’s the message of Islam.

    And I am not blind behind any sect; I try my level best to follow Islam as it is.

    Overcome that hate that you have for Islam & for practicing Muslims, because hate begets hate.